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Aquarium and Ichthyology (Fish) related Used Books

M - Ordered By Title

U-683 Management of Wild Mammals in Captivity by L. Crandall 769 pages, hardback, 1964 $30.00

U-687 Manual To Nishikigoi, The Latest By Takeo Kuroki 1981, 272 pages, hardback, many color photos $40.00

U-59 Marine Aquarium, The Encyclopedia of The by Dick Mills   A detailed look at the challenges and rewards of keeping a wide range of marine creatures, from the magnificent fish of a tropical coral reef to the extraordinary invertebrates of a temperate shore. Discover the magic of the marine aquarium with this comprehensive encyclopedia to the colorful world beyond the shore. 208 pages, 100,000 words, 320 color photographs, over 200 line drawings, 30 color artwork illustrations. hardback $12.95

wpe1B.jpg (1844 bytes) U-51 The Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner to Breeder by Martin A. Moe, Jr. 318 pages, paperback, minor damage to cover $10.95

U-47 Marine Aquarium by Wickler 112 pages, 125 Color photos, 16 line Drawings, hardback (PS-695) $7.95
U-161 Marine Biology IV Edited by Carl Oenmeimer 1968, hardback, 485 pages, ex-library copy $30.00

U-42 Marine Fish, Exotic by Axelrod, Burgess, Emmens 608 pages, 88 black & white photos, 477 Color photos, hardback,  Here is a book about the keeping of marine fishes and invertebrates that combines the best of desirable features: good information and good photos. Exotic Marine Fishes has both in abundance-a highly practical and useful text that leads readers by the hand through the preliminaries of purchasing a marine aquarium and setting it up right through the selection of fishes and invertebrates coupled with an array of full-color photos by the hundreds that show the fishes talked about to their best advantage and makes it easy to identify them when you see them in a dealer's tanks. Complete and authoritative, this book is a one-volume reference library for marine aquarium hobbyists. Contents:Starting A Tropical Marine Tank--Collection and Use of Salt Water - Artificial Sea Water - Treatment of the Tank and Decorations - Tank Size and Shape - Lighting - Heating - Other Equipment - Aeration and Filtration - Sterilization.(TFH H-938) $14.95
U-953 Marine Ecology by Moore 1965, hardback,  493 pages $15.00
UB-661 Marine Fish and Invert Reef Aquarium by Albert J. Thiel  1990, paperback, 320 pages $15.00

U-62 Marine Fish The Recognition and Treatment of Diseases by Clifton 1987, paperback, 72 pages $10.00

U-58 Marine Aquarium Fishes - Mini - Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes Dr. Burgess' By Dr. Warren E. Burgess, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Raymond E. Hunziker  1024 pages, over 1900 Color photos, hardback, 1991, At almost a thousand pages and containing more than 1900 full-color photos, this book is big in size and value. Indexed by both scientific and popular names for ease of reference, this book contains a large section devoted to every aspect of setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium.  $17.95
U-884 Marine Game Fishes of The World by La Monte 1952, hardback, 190 pages $10.00
U-56 Marine Invertebrates Organ-Pipe and Leather Corals, Gorgunians by Wilkens and Birkholz 1992 2nd edition, 134 pages, 95 photos, hardback $24.95

U-671 Marine Products in Japan By Tanikawa 1971, hardback, 507 pages $20.00

U-655 The Marvelous Animals By Helena Curtis 1968, hardback, 190 pages, An introduction to the Protozoa $12.50

UB-627 Methods for Assessment of Fish Production in Fresh Waters by W.E. Ricker 1970, paperback, 313 pages $15.00